9th District Candidates Forum 4/24/14 @ 7:00 PM

Candidates Forum 4/24/14, 7 pm

The Facts About the Candidates of the 9th Congressional District



Competing ads in a Republican congressional primary in Pennsylvania go too far in their attacks related to federal farm subsidies and a vehicle mileage tax.

A TV ad from longtime Rep. Bill Shuster accuses challenger Art Halvorson of hypocrisy for speaking out against government farm subsidies while “lining his pockets with taxpayer subsidies.”

Stop IRS Assault On Our Freedom!



Over Thanksgiving last year, the IRS quietly announced new rules to govern political speech by conservative groups like the Tea Party. The rules had been formulated in secret since 2012 by Lois Lerner, the aide in charge of harassing Tea Party organizations (who took the Fifth Amendment before Congress).